We aim to inspire, empower and to offer support and networking opportunities for women in the occupational health and safety industry.

Women in Health and Safety is a rising network of women, who support gender equality and encourage women to thrive in our profession.

We host quarterly events with the purpose of connecting women in the occupational health and safety industry, and offer year round support through our online platform.

As woman in this profession, we understand the unique challenges and obstacles in this male-dominated industry, thus the demand for a group devoted to promoting women in the health and safety profession came about.

Our vision for WIHS is to shape a better future for women working in health and safety in South Africa. WIHS is dedicated to support, educate and promote the progretion of women in the industry by providing a platform to ask, speak, connect and network.

Charne Karaolis

Founder & Managing Director

Charne Karaolis, founder and managing director of MSHEQ Health and Safety Consultants and her all female team of industry professionals, realise that a woman can be a rare face in health and safety, more so in leadership roles. Recent surveys show women consistently make up less than 30 percent of health and safety professionals, although it is an emerging profession and the number of women entering is rising, woman are still underrepresented.

Upcoming events

Oct 20
Launch, Pretoria, Gauteng

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